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Doctor Pepper Museum

Learn more about everyone's favorite drink that was invented in Waco Texas! Learn about pharmacist Charles Alderton, who created the drink over one hundred years ago. Back in the day doctors believed that soda could fix any sickness or disease. So pharmacists would create different sodas to try to both cure the patient and also provide a tasty drink. That is how Dr. Pepper was born, along with the soda "Big Red". Discover even more at the Doctor Pepper Museum. At the museum you will see how the cans and bottles changed from year to year. A swell as seeing how seven up and Big Red changed a swell. All three of the sodas were bottled in the building. There is also tons and tons of Doctor Pepper memorabilia and old themed prizes. It also has how the transportation changed originating as a horse drawn wagon to a delivery truck. While there you can enjoy how Doctor Pepper was originally made, with a few spritzes of the special syrup and carbonated water. The special syrup consists of twenty three flavors, only people know all twenty three. They have a big gift shop perfect for every fan. They have everything from Christmas ornaments to kendamas, Jacobs ladder, and tons of merchandise. With tons of shirts and other items with the phrase, "I'm a pepper". They are open Monday-Saturday from ten am to five thirty, and Sunday twelve pm to five thirty pm. Tickets are ten dollars for adults, and six for children. There are senior and student discounts. Each adult ticket gets a complementary free Doctor Pepper. They even have a "Liquid Laboratory", for exploring the science of soda in our modern day. Come visit the Doctor Pepper museum, its for everyone, fanatics, or just people who want to learn.    

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