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Bote Board and Portable Kayak Rentals

The Convenience of Our Portable Sails Allow
Anyone to Experience Lake Waco Like 
Never Before.

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Inflatable Kayaks

This first-of-its-kind kayak is constructed with BOTE's inflatable AeroBOTE Technology and goes from travel bag to a 12′6″ fishing kayak in a matter of minutes.

This lightweight, portable kayak is easy to store and a blast to paddle.  With truly, unimaginable convenience, stability, performance, and a whole gamut of features unique to this platform, inflatable kayaks will transform your kayak fishing or paddling experience.

Most notable is the four-chamber construction, which gives the kayak its shape and performance characteristics. 
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Bote Boards

If you're looking for a "one board for everything," then the Bote Board is for you. A perfectly capable fishing machine, the Bote is equally at home just hanging out with family. The superior combination of stability, speed, and standard features makes this the most versatile board ever made.

A bulleted list of features are: 

  • Displacement hull
  • Paddle Sheath
  • Stashpod
  • Paddle Strap
  • Wheel Rac
  • Grab Handle
  • Thru Holes
  • Bungees 

And more! 

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