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Local Waco Marina for over 65 years

Lake Waco Marina & RV Park

We want you to create the best memories possible here at Lake Waco Marina. The tremendous amount of open space we offer will allow you to do all sorts of activities such as camping, hiking, and much more!


Adventure, Fun, & Excitement

Our beautiful RV Park sits alongside the shores of Lake Waco and is a convenient drive to downtown Waco for shops, restaurants, and visiting the Magnolia Silos. No other destination offers our breathtaking views and warm hospitality.


"The best place to bring family during a hot summer season or leisure getaway."

A Place to Bring the Family

Lake Waco offers many fun activities in the great outdoors, having dozens of trails for biking and hiking. There are many great coves for boating and fishing activities. Our new RV park is right on the water and the numerous marina slips make it easy to boat all day - that is until you can't anymore.

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